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   Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions asked by our customers. 

Pressure Treated Wood 

    "We thought pressure treated lumber would last a lifetime. Why do we need to waterproof it?"

Pressure treated lumber is made to be protected from insects and fungi, but not from damage caused by rain and snow. Cycles of hot and cold, wet and dry, will make the wood more porous over time. As moisture enters the wood, it will also make original, small cracks expand and become bigger. This makes the wood even more porous and the cycle repeats itself. 

          *NOTE: Wood sealers and stains resist water penetration, but there is no product that prevents it completely all the time. Older decks already having large cracks can be sealed to help with this prevention, but undoubtedly will still allow some water penetration in some areas.

Gray Wood

     "Why does my wood turn gray?"  "I washed my deck last spring and it is already turning gray."

The UV radiation from the sun naturally turns wood gray. (Have you seen driftwood?) Surface fibers of the wood absorb the UV energy and become loose, dull, and gray. The loose fibers will also attract and collect particles of dirt. When this happens, cleaners can be used to loosen the dirt and damaged fibers. The power cleaner (in the hands of a trained professional) can be used to remove the dirt and damaged fibers from the deck or fence.

​        *NOTE: Applying a toner or stain uses pigments that will "hide" the graying of the wood. The wood still receives the UV rays from the sun and wood fibers continue to break down, but the color hides the gray for a while.

Scheduled Maintenance

           "How Often Should Decks & Fences Be Renewed?"

Wood decks and fences should be renewed every 3 seasons depending on exposure to the elements. (*NOTE: "3 seasons" = 2 calendar years. For example, cleaning in summer 2022 is the first season, summer 2023 is 2nd and summer 2024 is the 3rd season, even though 2nd calendar year.)  Some customers may find they can go 4 seasons before renewal is needed. 

   *NOTE: Not all deck cleaners and sealers have the same time-table or are compatible with each other, even if the product is by the same manufacturer.

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